"Crystal Park"-Hand Crafted Crystal Glass Animals Series -Payanark

Country: Thailand Category: FengShui
Style 22 X 12cm

By: yayasilver
This time we have bought you something real pretty that we discovered in our trip!

Introducing our "Crystal Park"-Hand Crafted Crystal Glass Animals Series

I was amazed by how detailed and skillful craftsmanship when I saw how these crystal were made. Yes, they might not come with package as classy as famous Swarovski, but they surely are beauty of themselves, and each piece has its own uniqueness. Very collectable with indeed affordable price!

Thai Water Dragon, as known as "Payanark" is one of the most famous myth animal in Thailand Culture. It look like a snake but has horn, similar to dragon but without feet, live in the ocean but some people claim to see them in Mae Khong river of Thailand.

Mucalinda, the King of Serpents is said to have been the head of a race of supernatural beings commonly known as Nagas (Thai word ďPayanarkĒ). Nagas are often shown in paintings and sculptures as multi-headed serpent like creatures (five-headed as in the photo above and seven-headed being the most common forms) but sometimes they are shown as having one head. They are said to live beneath the earth and the sea. They are said to be able to assume human form.

Many Thai people believe that Nagas live in the Mekhong River. The Mekhong River runs along much of Thailandís border with Laos.

There are two things that fascinate me about the story of King Mucalinda and the Lord Buddha.

Firstly, itís the only legend that Iím aware of which shows a serpent-like creature in a positive light. All of the other snake legends that Iím aware of present snakes and serpents in a very negative manner.

Secondly I find it intriguing that despite the Nagaís very fearsome and ferocious appearance, its most famous contribution to legend has it showing care and compassion, and being trustworthy and kind.

Till today, some people still strong believe that payanark really exist.

This beautiful large size Payanark sized around 22x12 CM, presenting the motion of swimming out of water

Beautifully hand crafted with fire, then finished with partially golden metallic plate dressing. These Crystals surely present the undoubtedly beauty of the combination of ice & fire

We only have limited number of these beatiful crystals, they are perfect for crystal lovers' collection, display and of course, a nice gift for someone specail.

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