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Pagoda is the general term in the English language for a tiered tower with multiple eaves common in China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia. Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most commonly Buddhist, and were often located in or near temples. This term may refer to other religious structures in some countries. In Thailand, "pagoda" usually means the same as stupa while in Vietnam, "pagoda" is a more generic term referring to a place of worship.

The modern pagoda is an evolution of the Ancient Indian stupa, a tomb-like structure where sacred relics could be kept safe and venerated. The architectural structure of the stupa has spread across Asia, taking on many diverse forms as details specific to different regions are incorporated into the overall design.

The Chinese word for stupa, ta, is an abbreviated translation (from tapo) of the Sanskrit stupa. The origins of the word pagoda are obscure. In modern usage, the word stupa and pagoda refer to the same thing.

The pagoda's original purpose was to house relics and sacred writings. This purpose was popularized due to the efforts of Buddhist missionaries, pilgrims, rulers, and ordinary devotees to seek out, distribute, and extol Buddhist relics.

Chinese iconography is noticeable in Chinese pagoda architecture. The image of the Shakyamuni Buddha in the abhaya mudra is also noticeable in some Pagodas. Buddhist iconography can be observed throughout the pagoda symbolism. In an article on Buddhist elements in Han art, Wu Hung suggests that in these tombs, Buddhist iconography was so well incorporated into native Chinese traditions that a unique system of symbolism had been developed.

Pagodas attract lightning strikes because of their height. This tendency may have played a role in their perception as spiritually charged places. Many pagodas have a decorated finial at the top of the structure. The finial is designed in such a way as to have symbolic meaning within Buddhism; for example, it may include designs representing a lotus. The finial also functions as a lightning rod, and thus helps to both attract lightning and protect the pagoda from lightning damage. Early pagodas were constructed out of wood, but steadily progressed to sturdier materials, which helped protect against fires and rot.

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Hi Carver --Glad the puns got you laughing! Happy weeeknd to you too! :)Hi Leslie Myers --Thanks and please don't think I'm knocking those shots of your son. Like you say, it sure is cool to have a family member representing one's country in a sport. :)Hi Yen --Thanks! :)Hi Leslie --Thanks for reading as well as looking... :)Hi Julie --You're welcome! :)Hi Jams O'Donnell --Hope you have a good weeeknd too. :)Hi Dragonstar --Teeheehee at your reaction to my puns! ;bHi David Mcmahon --Yeah, I like the first shot too. Funny thing is that it's not the pagoda I like in the picture but the combo of new and traditional that it makes with the high rise building in the background... :)Hi TiOheM --Thanks! :)
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Hi aileni --(Continuing a cosvnreation begun at aileni's blog:) 36 years, amazing! Congrats to you and dragonstar! :)Hi Hootin Anni --Glad you laughed at my comments and re sculpture: I guess you're referring to the second photo? [What's the emoticon to denote scratching one's head, BTW?]Hi A. --Must confess that I find your reactions to the pictures rather amusing... :)Hi Sandy --Thanks.Hi Criz Lai --Thanks and I have a feeling you know where to go to take a similar shot of the Penang structure... ;bHi Mrs. Mecomber --I'm not sure but am hazarding that it conforms to cultural tastes along with the architects and builder's abilities! ;bHi SnoopytheGoon --Thanks. including for becoming quite the regular Photo Hunt visitor to this blog! :)Hi JC --Glad to have made people laugh (not just groan) with the puns! ;bHi jmb --Actually, I really did have problems! Looking back, I think I was too picky: casting aside things that were thorny because somehow thorny was more pricky than pointed to me! ;S
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