"three-inch golden lotuses" Footbinding

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Foot binding was very painfully and unrespectfully for woman. Some said it make women walk more graceful and even can make vagina opening smaller so, can tightly hold their man's. I think the foot binning was to ensure woman unable to leave their home , and have to depend on the others for daily live.

Accoring historical records from the Song dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) date footbinding as beginning during the reign of Li Yu, who ruled over one region of China between 961-975. It is said his heart was captured by a concubine, Yao Niang, a talented dancer who bound her feet to suggest the shape of a new moon and performed a "lotus dance."

During subsequent dynasties, footbinding became more popular and spread from court circles to the wealthy. Eventually, it moved from the cities to the countryside, where young girls realized that binding their feet could be their passport to social mobility and increased wealth.

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Gee wieksllri, that's such a great post!
December 05, 2016



If time is money you've made me a weahelitr woman.
December 05, 2016



I found your blog because I was lokiong for pictures of foot binding.I will admit that on one level, I see the absurdity of the ancient practice of foot binding, and my initial reaction, from as long as I can remember knowing that the practice existed, has always been to grimace and turn away. But when I saw these pictures, in consideration of the full context, I found them surprisingly beautiful. The pain and suffering of the now banned practice aside, I see some amount of pride in the face of this woman. Can we step inside her experience of this practice and understand the value of it for her and her family?Might I suggest that we look at this practice from an objective perspective, in the way that a Cultural Anthropologist would? The role of an anthropologist is to take a piece of culture, like the practice of foot binding, and step outside the confines of one's own cultural understanding and interpretation, and try to understand the cultural practice and its relationship to the entire context of living in a particular community at a particular time in history. We should ask: how does this practice relate to this community's religion, science, economy, politics, art, health, technology and history? In this instance, foot binding must be understood only through the lens of a very local and temporal situation, and to fully understand and respect the practice, we must be careful to not use our own specific and limited cultural understandings of beauty, pain, marriage relationships, family, social status, individuality and independence to interpret the value of this cultural practice.Foot binding is not the only example of a difficult, unfamiliar cultural practice that asks us to stretch our understanding and comfort level about what is right and what is wrong or what is good and what is bad. The question of whether a practice should be allowed to continue on, or whether an outside group should intercede to stop a practice is one that is morally and ethically challenging, or at least it should be a challenging question, in my view. Whose values should be used to decide if a practice is right and good?Thank you for your blog. I think the pictures are really well done kudos to the photographer. And, thank you for the opportunity to share an alternative perspective about this cultural practice.
November 06, 2014



The practice of foot bndiing was a travesty on so many levels It was a sad fact that mothers were active participants in the torture of their own young daughters. It shows what desperate measures desperate people are willing to take for the promise of security, food and shelter. Foot bndiing of young female children was also illustrative of Chinese society's misplaced values. In China, even today, women are less valued than men. While the Chinese culture is more blatant about its views, other cultures feel similarly, yet express that feeling less overtly.In the U.S. culture, girls are not raised with the necessary self esteem that will aid in dissuading them from the life long pursuit of making themselves pleasing to men. While the U.S. day-to-day lifestyle is considerably kinder than what our Chinese sisters experienced, clearly there is still a long way to go.There are comments on this site that allege that the practice of foot bndiing was no different than plastic surgery today. Keep in mind that individuals undergoing plastic surgery are adults with a choice. These young children had no choice or voice. As adult women, we choose to participate in activities which are not great examples for our daughters and young women i.e.: plastic surgery and hobbling 6 heels. There are ways to be attractive, without degrading or mutilating ourselves. If we invest in healthier values for ourselves, future generations of women will receive the benefits. The comment from Alex about her teacher making her look up this information is important. Alex, you have a good teacher who wants you to know what the world has been like for women. In many places on the planet today, women's situations are as bad or worse. Let's not forget the middle east, where women wear burkhas and must cover their faces.Regardless of why a culture claims to treat women differently, as long as women are not given the same rights as the men in their culture, they are given LESS rights, not more rights, not more respect, and not more value, just LESS. As women, we need to stop accepting less. That starts with each one of us. Whatever we decide, it must be because we chose it. It would also help for us to think about what message we are giving to our daughters, by some of our choices.
November 05, 2014
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