Chinese Lover's day 七夕

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Chinese Lover's day 七夕
The traditional festival of China's Han Tanabata Festival is on the July ,7 at lunar calendar every year. Because this day is a major player in girls, and a lot of the activities of hand bagger is also the main reason people said this day is called baggers day "or "girl's Day", "daughter of festival." Tanabata Festival is China's traditional festivals in one of the most romantic holiday, but also puts great emphasis on girls over the past day. In this one night, the women and bagger are devout and solemn ceremony. They display of red fruit, all kinds of furniture, fine small appliances to worship seven sister and see favorite.,

Tanabata Star Festival 【Introduction】

In the clear summer night, stars shine in heaven, together with white of the Galaxy as a north-south cross-bridges in the river on both sides, each a shining star, across the river from, distant relative, that is, Altair and Vega .

According to legend, at this night every year, the Weaver star and the Cowboy star will corss the bridge to meet each other. Weaver Girl is a beautiful smart and ingenuity of all the fairies, women in this day begging to her for the wisdom and clever art, and ultimately, thanks to her for a happy marriage, in that evening it is also known as Girls day or 七夕

In the Tanabata legend , if u look up the sky , you can see star Altair and star Vega cross the galaxy and meet each other at July ,7 of Chinese lunar calendar that night. It also said if you stay under the tree , you can hear the weaver and cowboy those two lover in the heaven are whisper to each other.

Full of girls in the romantic atmosphere of the evening, put on seasonal fruits, worship in the air, begging the sky fairy (weaver) to give them the intelligence of the heart and skillful hands, so the female they knitting red Qiao for begging for lovely marriage. Marriage for women over the past is to determine whether or not the woman will have a happy life. So, in this day , all the man and woman are looking for love will facing the sky to pray their own happy marriage.

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