Miao Dao

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Miao Dao
The Myth of Chinese Miao Dao

There is some common confusion of the origin of Chinese Miao Dao.

Some say miao dao originally came from Japanese katana, and some say it is merely another type of 2 handed sword, and some even say that miao dao was created by the famous Chinese military General Yue Fai in Sung dynasty So, which one is True?

I started to learn traditional miao dao when I was 17 in Taiwan, back in that time, miao dao was hardly known and heard in Martial arts society.

In traditional miao dao, there was only a original form, plus quite a number of single moves. The 2nd miao dao form was created by famous martial artist, master Gou Chung Sheng (the swallow) during who had play significant role in promoting miao dao in early 30s.

Since this topic is about miao dao, I think I should start with discussing the below points.

1. What is miao dao?

The name of miao dao:

The word Miao (translated as long grain leaf) here, refer to the long & narrow shape of blade, where dao means single edge sword.

Specifications of miao Dao; Just like any Chinese weapons, the best size/specification should be according individual difference/preference. Nevertheless, the common size of miao dao should be around 5 Chinese feets where the blade counts 3.8 Chinese feets and the handle around 1.2 Chinese feets.

In recent years, as Chinese swords have become popular, I have seen many shortened miao dao made by people who actually have no idea about miao dao, and I have also seen people ordered specific custom made miao dao according to original sizes which ended up to a disaster a super huge + heavy sword that can never be used!

Well, the simply fact is that the Chinese feet is different from feet we are using today. The Chinese feet (especial in this case) is only around 24CM to 27 CM depending on the type of measure used, which normally feet is around 30.48 CM.. So the difference will be 24*5=120~27*5=135CM against 30.48*5=152.4 CM!

2. The history of miao dao: the history of Miao Dao can be tracked back to Han Dynasty.

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Boom shkaalaka boom boom, problem solved.
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Your articles are for when it abulystelo, positively, needs to be understood overnight.
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Sabay ery sabay, ber min derng te kom jes ta sor se pek. He is married with an acsrets name Lin Feng Jiao since 1986 and has a son who is now an actor also a singer . 1
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It's competition time, and acndiorcg to Master Jin Ye, my taiji dao starts looking more like wushu as I try to fit the whole form into a 4 minute segment. So we talked about a modified form that I could more easily do in 4 minutes while maintaining a more taiji look.This is what we came up with:Section 1 and 2 remain the same.Section 3 miss out moves 51 54(51 é步缠头èåå¼ tuec bf9 che1n tf3u ce1ng dÄo shec: step back, wind around the head and hide the sword52 ä¸æ­¥å§é±¼ she0ng bf9 wf2 yfa: step forward, crouch to fish53 é®èèåå¼ zhÄ xÄ« ce1ng dÄo shec: hide the knee hide the sword54 è¿é¢åº yedng mie0n cec: stab to the head)Section 4 unchanged.Section 5, go straight to move 82 æ¢æå³æ©å hue0n shÇu yf2u lie1o dÄo: exchange hands, hold up sword on rightSection 6 start with move 90 转ç¯æ zhuÇn hue1n ted: turn the ring and lift and continue to the end.
November 05, 2014
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