Hand Crafted Crystal Money Toad

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By: yayasilver
Hand Crafted Crystal Money Toad
Introducing our "Crystal Park"-Hand Crafted Crystal Glass Animals Series

I was amazed by how detailed and skillful craftsmanship when I saw how these crystal were made. Yes, they might not come with package as classy as famous Swarovski, but they surely are beauty of themselves, and each piece has its own uniqueness. Very collectable with indeed affordable price!

This beautiful medium size Money Toad sized around 11x6 CM

Money Toad has always been a lucky symbol in Asia, believed bring fortune to its owner

These ugly little money toads are based upon a simple folk lore story about a greedy Buddhist monk who lost his money sack when he was taking a dump over an open pit toilet and then leapt in after it and drowned. When the full moon rose into the evening sky that night, he transformed into the ugly toad and climbed on out with his money sack intact!

There are also no consistent answers for placement of such items. For example, in the Philippines, depending upon which island you are on, you will be given conflicting advice to its placement. On one island they believe you should face it out of the home, and on a neighbouring isle they tell you the exact opposite.

Beautifully hand crafted with fire, then finished with partially golden metallic plate dressing. These Crystals surely present the undoubtedly beauty of the combination of ice & fire

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That's the best answer by far! Thanks for cointrbuting.
December 05, 2016



I read your posnitg and was jealous
December 05, 2016



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November 05, 2014



e te non saresti gilrsnioata???per la miseria, se vieni confrontato con altri giornalisti famosi quelli ti fanno un baffo sei molto meglio!!!se vuoi rischiare un po la fortuna tenta di cercare un posto di lavoro come scrittore o, ancora meglio, come correttore di articoli giornalistici fanno tanti di quegli errori al giorno d'oggi che i bambini nemmeno possono piu leggere il giornale dato che non imaparano la linuga xD!!!cmq sia fine OT ma questo non solo un FPS questo una rivoluzione!!!il tipo li con gli occhiali da fighetto sta maneggiando armi inimmaginabili con una grafica strepitosa(non giudicate dagli screnshot dato che peggiorano la grafica) e per di piu contro un complotto aGlieno(la G voluta)!!!!
November 05, 2014
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