'Crystal Park"-Hand Crafted Crystal Glass Animals Serie-Pi Xiu

Country: China Category: FengShui
Style Medium 7x4 CM

By: yayasilver
'Crystal Park
Thank you for viewing. This time we have bought you something real pretty that we discovered in our trip!

I was amazed by how detailed and skillful craftsmanship when I saw how these crystal were made. Yes, they might not come with package as classy as famous Swarovski, but they surely are beauty of themselves, and each piece has its own uniqueness. Very collectable with indeed affordable price!

This beautiful medium size Chinese Pi Xiu sized around 7x4 CM

Pi Xiu is type of fierce animal from ancient China, some believe that Pi Xiu should belonged to tiger/panther family.

Pixiu is considered a wealth-bringing divine animal with a dragon's head, a horse's body and a unicorn's feet. The animal, capable of flying, looks like a lion and has gray fur.

Pixiu is fierce and powerful by nature. As such, it is in charge of patrolling duty in the sky to keep demons, ghosts, plagues and diseases at bay. It has a mouth but no anus, so it just swallows things inside without passing anything out. That's why it is regarded as a divine accumulator of wealth from all sides without letting anything out.

Like the dragon and the lion, Pixiu is also believed to be an animal capable of driving away the evil sprits of a particular place and bringing happiness and good luck. But unlike Chinese unicorn, Pixiu is an auspicious animal with a ferocious nature and fierce loyalty in protecting its master. It is considered a house-guarding animal with the ability to ward off evil spirits. Thatís why many Chinese people wear jade ornaments shaped like a Pixiu.

There are a lot of different legend versions about the dragon and its nine sons in Chinese folk culture, but the number of the dragon's sons is believed to be a lot more than nine. Pixiu is said to be the ninth prince of the Dragon King, and its staple food is gold, silver and jewelry. It is naturally shining with brilliance and looks far more handsome than other auspicious animals like the three-legged toad. Pixiu was therefore in favor with the Jade Emperor and the Dragon King.

Anyway, eating too much may well lead to bowel disorders. One day, Pixiu relieved the bowels before he could go to the toilet, which angered the Jade Emperor, who gave him a slap on the buttocks. As a result, Pixiu's anus was sealed up. After that, gold, silver and jewelry could only go into his body and couldn't come out. Along with the spread of this story, Pixiu was regarded as an auspicious animal capable of bringing in wealth, and it was considered a propitious animal that could turn disasters into good fortune by ancient Chinese fengshui masters.

Pi Xiu is a perfect guardian, as it not only can swallow all the evilness but also invite all the wealth and good luck to its owner.

Therefore, Pi Xiu has become a significant animal in Chinese feng shui

Beautifully hand crafted with fire, then finished with partially golden metallic plate dressing. These Crystals surely present the undoubtedly beauty of the combination of ice & fire

We only have limited number of these beatiful crystals, they are perfect for crystal lovers' collection, display and of course, a nice gift for someone specail.

Starting price is low, and no reserve!

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Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!
December 05, 2016



Knwgoedle wants to be free, just like these articles!
December 05, 2016



Hello,mois aussi je me pose la meme question, les pohots sont superbes.Benjamin collectionne les jades, il est tres occupe et parle peu mais j'espere le rencontre tres bientot pour en savoir plus.Bonnne semaineChris
November 05, 2014



question : comment fait-on pour avoir de surepbes photos avec un de9grade9 blanc-gris derrie8re l'objet ? e7a fait tellement classe et clean en meme temps...sinon tre8s beaux pi-xiu... ils vient de les avoir ? si non, quels effets ont-ils contribue9 ?
November 05, 2014
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