Feng Shui for love

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Feng Shui for love
This pages will providing tips on how to attracting many different kinds of relationships. We all know that both people and plants perish without attention and care. Love blossoms from the seeds of harmony, kindness, communication, commitment,respect,affection, and growth. lets go see, what is do's and taboo's in feng shui for love .

don't use images of two animals of the same gender in your decor, need to pair a male with a female

don't fill your bed with stuffed animals- this leaves no room for a new love interest

don't wear antique wedding rings from pawnshop, or people you don't know. they may have retained negative, unhappy energy from their former owner.

don't put symbols of love in the bathroom, which has the killing energy of human waste.

don't keep or use the mattress or bed from a previous marriage, buy a new one to symbolize a new beginning.

don't line up the end of your bed directly with either the bedroom or bathroom door . this is considered the death position and it is very inauspicious.

don't install any mirrors one the ceiling or behind the headboard of your bed. the images in the mirror will disturb the recharging of your energies.

don't put the head of your bed on the wall that has bathroom plumbing on the other side of it.

don't sleep in the bed that has a door opeing toward the pillows from the sides.

don't install ceiling fans directly over the bed, it should be install past the foot of the bed.

don't wear a green hat or cap if you're a man because it means that your wife or lover is unfaithful to you.

don't use any dry flowers or plants in your bedroom.

don't design your bedroom too feminine if you want to attract a man into your life.

do sleep on the the bed that elevate off the floor, to permit beneficial and healthful chi energy to circulate around you as you sleep.

do be sure that there's a headboard on your bed to provide support for your aspirations.

do be sure you and your bedmate can get into bed from both side

do change the position of the bed when your romance has ended.

do sleep with all doors into your bedroom closed especially those that lead to a bathroom.

do decorate with peach in your bedroom if your a single woman . this color will help you attract a good man.

do add red or deep purple to your bedroom to increase passion.

do tie a white ribbon imprinted with red hearts around pictures of your lover.

do wear rose quartz jewelry on your left arm to attract love.

do tie two red or purple ribbons on your bedroom doorknob if you want to attract romance into your life.

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December 05, 2016



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fengshui is difficult to eliaxpn esp if you do not know the fengshui concepts, which are also hard to teach esp here. another reason why most of these are taught in fengshui seminars.there are many fengshui errors in your room:- shape of the room is like a butcher's knife, it can make the occupant depressed or suicidal (suicide is the ultimate depression)- there is a sha/ bad chi going right through your room which can intersect your bed; you can get sick from a mild headache to a fatal cancer, depending on the path of the sha chisolution: get another bedroom without a toilet nearby; remedy is making a bad into neutral (not good). since fengshui has a time element, when the right time comes, the bad can happen even when the thing has been neutralized by the remedy thus accidents happen. it is better to make the bad into good by a renovation, than having that quick fix remedy.if you do want a toilet near your bedroom, get a fengshui master to do the fengshuiReferences :
November 05, 2014

lukas van rooyen

capetown south africa

im a single man who wants to attract a man into my life who loves me unconditionly
August 15, 2014
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