What kind the Living room will bring you luck of the money

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What kind the Living room will bring you luck of the money

Living room is face of home. It gives the first impression for your guest when they enter your house. So, it play very important role on Feng Shui for your family’s wealth.

Let us see, how we can have a good Feng Shui living room.

Living room should be the first room your guest see when they enter the house. If they have to pass the other room first, it will cause owner easy mix up personal life and businesses. It also means the owner easier make mistakes on their job.

Living room also represent the connection between family and outside world.

It need to clean, it will bring the luck of the communication and bring more money for the family

Have enough light and fresh air is very important. The sun light bring positive energy will help increase your luck

All the closet need to tightly close to the wall, and sofa have to face to the door. Otherwise, the owner will easy be betray by friend or get into the gossip.

The floor has to be satiable and strong. Because, floor means the foundation of the family. If the floor broken or damage, should be change right away.

No more then one fish tank in the living room. The fish tank usually bring the luck of the money, but too much will make living room have negatives energy

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December 05, 2016



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December 05, 2016



I can't vote for just #14 (baby sinlmig on quilt) or #15 (girl sinlmig on quilt) not as a proud uncle, that is! I'll let you decide where the vote should go between those two selections. All the photos are beautiful and amazing great job!
November 05, 2014



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November 05, 2014
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